Beast Boy

Super Powers and Super Gear

  • Shape-Shifter
  • Strength, Speed and Power of any animal
  • Wild when he needs to be

The Changeling

Beast Boy can change into any animal he wants, anytime he wants—well, most of the time. He’s a loyal friend and sometimes a little immature, but he’s just as comfortable hanging out with the girls as he is goofing around with the boys.

Tap For Powers
Wild at Heart

Beast Boy can shape-shift into any animal, and he uses this power for both heroics and light-hearted fun. He might rock a drum solo as an octopus, or show up to play basketball as a giraffe!

A Party On Two Feet (Or Four Legs)

Everyone likes hanging out with Beast Boy because he knows how to be a great friend. And since he can take on the characteristics of any critter, Beast Boy is the perfect “party animal” for any occasion.

Powerful Positivity

Beast Boy isn’t out to prove how big and strong he is. He loves to live just for the fun of it, and he’s always ready to join the next adventure as one of the crew.


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