Super Powers and Super Gear

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Flight
  • Ability To Shrink
  • Projects Sonic Blasts
  • Super Suit (Enhances Strength and Flight)

The Social Butterfly

Bumblebee is a happy-go-lucky girl who is always up on the latest trends and music. While she can be the life of the party, she’s also one of the smartest girls at Super Hero High. She even built her special tech suit that allows her to shrink to the size of a bee. She’s also a Metropolis local, so she goes out of her way to make every student feel at home.

Tap For Powers
Enhanced Strength

One of the perks of Bumblebee’s technologically advanced super suit is that it makes her very strong. She has to bee careful though, it comes with a lot of responsibility.

Sonic Blasts

Bumblebee can fire sonic blasts to 'sting' unsuspecting Super-Villains. Most of the time these blasts are all the distraction she needs for villains to drop their guard and lose their balance.


As luck would have it, the microchip in Bumblebee’s earbuds had a small side effect that gives her shrinking powers.


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