Super Powers and Super Gear

  • Freeze anything (or anyone) with a single touch
  • Shoot and build with ice
  • Absorb heat
  • Genius-level chemist

The Cool Girl

A lab accident gave Frost the ability to freeze anything she touches as well as the power to generate intense blasts of cold. She may seem too cool for school, but she’s just trying to protect her friends from her icy touch! Frost does have a sweet side, though––she loves using her chemistry skills to concoct frozen desserts!

Tap For Powers
Chemistry Genius

Frost is almost always busy mixing chemicals and studying molecules. If anyone can be counted on to get to the core of how things work and why––it’s Frost.

“Frost Bite”

Frost can freeze anything she touches…and we mean anything! This isn’t great for pool parties but can come in handy on a hot summer day!

Opposites Attract

To power her wintery ways, Frost must feed off heat energy from any source. Which might explain why she keeps her distance, so this “cool” girl doesn't steal her friend’s body heat.


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