Wonder Woman

Super Powers and Super Gear

  • Super Strength
  • Flight
  • Nearly Invincible
  • Super-Athleticism
  • Magic Lasso That Forces Anyone To Tell The Truth
  • High-Tech Shield
  • Bullet-Deflecting Bracelets

The Leader

Wonder Woman is a true leader who is courageous, competent and competitive. All the girls at Super Hero High look up to her but she still has a lot to learn about life away from her home on Paradise Island. Good thing she has plenty of friends to show her the ropes.

Tap For Powers
Bulletproof Bracelets

Her bullet deflecting bracelets not only look great, they’re pretty helpful when it comes to battling those pesky villains.

Lasso of Truth

There’s no lying with Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth! If you’re caught inside it, you'll be compelled to tell the truth.


Her shield is made from Themysciran steel and with a few modifications from Batgirl, it gives her the extra power she needs!


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